Welcome to Salsa Crazy’s Bonus Report on Albums & DVDs, designed specifically to help inspire you on your way to Salsa dancing greatness. Remember, it’s important to listen to the music as much as you can—especially if it’s new to you. The first three or four albums mentioned are for you beginners out there, and then we just delve into a whole bunch of fine albums!


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For Practice & Listening Pleasure – Albums for Beginning Dancers


Salsa Fresca: Dance Hits for the 90s



“For those who love to dance salsa, not just listen to it.”


This compilation CD will keep you moving all night long. Its inviting rhythms are particularly good for those who love to Mambo. Those who have two left feet can enjoy just listening to the tracks too. But It Now!



Tony Vega – Greatest Hits



“Has traditional Latin gentleman appeal to him. Unlike a lot of artists,
even "gringos" will be attracted to his style. It is gentle and romantic
yet energetic and happy.”


This is an unmatched collection of Tony Vega hits from 1989-1994. The Songs are infused with romantic tones and sensuous Cuban Mambo and Puerto Rican Salsa-esque beats. Buy It Now!



Rough Guide: Salsa Dance ~ various artists



One of a ton of musical compilations put out under the Rough Series. Rough Guide: Salsa Dance is one of the hotter Latin music themed albums to released to date. Buy It Now!



Rough Guide: Salsa Dance vol. 2 ~ various artists



Grab your partner and put on your most comfortable dancing shoes. This album sizzles so much you won’t want to stop until the sun comes up and the music fades. Buy It Now!


 Albums For Beginning/Intermediate Dancers


Ultra Mix: The Best of Salsa



“Every salsa lover should have this in their collection.”


Some say it’s best suited for listening. Others are convinced it’s one of the best compilation discs for dancing. But Salsa lovers who have bought the all agree it’s good music. Decide for yourself. Buy It Now!



Un Gran Dia En El Barrio ~ Spanish Harlem Orchestra



The album is the aural tale of the plight of Puerto Rican artists during the 20th century effected by the Cuban embargo. Some of Latin music’s best are featured on this album. Expect to hear a little bit of Cuban and a little bit of Puerto Rican…and to have a whole lot of fun. Buy It Now!



Pa’l Bailador ~ Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad


“…this album really carried me away.”


Released by Morrowland and receiving a 5-star rating from current owners rating the album via Amazon, the music is absolutely infectious. Just try to stay in your seat when this energetic album is playing.  Buy It Now!



Los Maestros – Albums For Advanced Dancers


Congreso De La Salsa ~ various artists



The music is fun and makes me want to dance.”

“ALL the tracks ARE good on this one -- & very, very danceable.”


Purchase. Unwrap. Place in prized Salsa collect. This is definitely a keeper—for lifelong salsa aficionados and those just getting in on the salsa craze. Upbeat is the magic word to describe the songs included on this album. Buy It Now!



Inspired Albums For Your Collection

(They’re a little on the romantic side but they’re good, but then again, so am I)


Tito Nieves – Greatest Hits



Sit back. Tap into the beat and let the music take over. You might just surprise yourself. The music is inspiring. Marc Anthony & Celia Cruz fans will really appreciate this one. Buy It Now!



Siembra [Import] ~ Willie Colon & Ruben Blades



“No hay duda que Ricardo Ray y Bobby Cruz ha sido la major orquesta se todos los tiempos pero las ventas que tuvo este album fue un fenomeno. Ha sido el disco que mas ha vendido en la historia de la salsa. Mis respetos para Ruben Blades pero esto no huviera sido lo mismo sin los musicos de Willie Colon.”


This album is the result of a legendary musical collaboration between two of the best in the Latin music industry. Full of driving music and lyrics that hit home, this gets votes from many as one of the best albums of all time. Buy It Now!



Obra Maestra (Masterpiece) ~ Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente



“Puente's complex, polished dance-hall sound with its nod to classics mixed with Palmieri's passionate, brass-heavy street syncopation make for a potent swing that's guaranteed to send dancers to heaven.” - Rhythm Magazine


This collaboration between Eddie Palmieri  and Tito Puentes is filled with upbeat songs made for dancing. Recorded just before Puente’s death, music reviewers and fans alike call the Obra Maestro perfectly titled saying it truly is a masterpiece. Buy It Now!



The Best ~Grupo Niche


“This is a great album for Salsa dancers!! Every song has a perfect rhythm for the beginner to the advanced salsa dancer.”


Production quality is excellent on this album making it easy to savor every note of the phenomenal vocals on the hodge-podge of tracks. Beginners and more advanced salsa dancers will find tunes they can sway their hips to.  Buy It Now!



Mandali ~ Africando


“‘Mandali’ is the group's latest and possibly best recording.”

“Africando turns up the heat.”


This album is best described as an Afro-Cuban album stuffed full of alluring tracks. Pay special attention to "Ntoman". Buy It Now!



Salsa Dura ~ Jimmy Bosch



“A spellbindingly passionate soloist.”


Salsa Dura is one of Bosch’s top albums. The music, performed by a band, is intense. The energy put into the tracks on this album make the cd a natural choice for dancers. Buy It Now!



Wild Wild Salsa ~ Puerto Rican Power Orchestra



“This particular album is among the BEST in their long career and has definitely proved that sometimes change is good.” “If you are a salsa aficionado or just a crazed salsa dancer you got to add this CD to your collection”


This latest offering from Puerto Rican Power Orchestra is filled with medium-paced songs and a few slower tunes thrown in here and there. It’s ideal for perfecting your most suave salsa moves and for couples looking to get close without breaking too much of a sweat. Buy It Now!



Millenium Hits ~Adolescent’s Orquesta



You’ve never heard an orchestra play quite like this! Adolescent’s Orquesta’s big band sound is reminiscent of yester-year when music was about music and not the artist. These fellas are true instrumentalists with a knack for melodic vocals. As for the cd, it’s great for listening and dancing. Buy It Now!



Ironias ~ Victor Manuelle



This album has a definitive Salsa sound with a twinge of Caribbean flair that transcends age barriers. Some would say his style is best described as a more contemporary Willie Colon. Some of the favorite tracks on the album are: "Anhelo", "Me Nego," and "Mega Mix. Buy It Now!



Travesia ~ Victor Manuelle



So you want to dance and party, huh? Well, this is the disc for you. The album is laced with well-sung vocals
and rhythms that’ll have you humming hours after the music has stopped playing. The album features musical contributions from production all-stars Emilio Estefan and Carlos Vives as well as Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan. 
Buy It Now!



Solo Contigo ~ Victor Manuelle



Released by Sony International, this Victor Manuelle album has a number of hot tracks. Fan favorites are Apiadate de mi, Solo Contigo, and Mi Sudor A Tu Silueta. If you like this Victor Manuelle disc, be sure to check out the others on this list. You may also like the albums by Marc Anthony and Puerto Rican Power Orchestra listed here as well. Buy It Now!



Pesar de Todo ~ Victor Manuelle



The best disc ever from Victor Manuelle? Quite possibly, but that depends on who you ask. The consensus is that Manuelle’s style has staying power and his music is ideal for salsa dancing and for listening. If you’re looking for slow sultry salsa tunes, this album is for you. This one’s definitely for dancers. Buy It Now!



Instinto Y Deseo ~ Victor Manuelle



“Este es uno de los mejores discos que tengo, no soy salsero pero este disco fue el que me entro al movement, cada una de sus canciones es como oir una historia de amor que se repite dia a dia en mi vida…”

“Everybody needs to know how good this is if you are a salsero.”


Victor Manuelle comes strong with his signature style on this album. It’s a definite collection must-have for those of you who can’t get enough of Salsa music meant for dancing. Buy It Now!



Oro Salsero ~ Victor Manuelle

Released in 2000 by Sony International, “Oro Salsero” has great tunes that are sure to set a romantic mood. On this album, Victor Manuelle sings with a style reminiscent of yester-year with melodies made for wooing. His voice is beyond soothing. Buy It Now!



Contra la Corriente ~ Marc Anthony



“His vocal delivery is passionate and expressive enough to evoke emotions in me, and I don't even know what he's singing about!”

“The music is amazing.”

Buy It Now!



Desde un Principio: From the Beginning ~ Marc Anthony



“There a very few albums that I like every song and this is definitely
one of those rare ones.”

“For all you Marc Anthony fans, this cd is a total must have for your collection.”


March Anthony struts his stuff on this album, showcasing the strength of and range of his voice. To top it off, the disc is well-written with topics that truly hit home. Buy It Now!



Marc Anthony ~ Marc Anthony (audio cd)


“Marc Anthony comes on like a suave, less jumpy alternative to Ricky Martin on this mostly English-language album. Having already introduced itself to the pop mainstream with the salsa-tinged single "I Need to Know," Marc Anthony offers several other obvious crossover hits, ranging from the Rodney Jerkins-produced Latin-funk fusion of "She's Been Good to Me" to the lovelorn mid tempo ballad "When I Dream at Night."”


According to Amazon.com music reviewers, Marc Anthony’s latest album is just what’s come to be expected of him: Incredible! Buy It Now!



Cuban Salsa Must-Have Albums

(I love Cuban Music, So here are some of my favorites)


Jugando con Candela (Playing with Fire) ~ Adalberto Alvarez



“I saw Adalberto Alvares y Su Son in the summer of 1999… I bought the CD
on the spot thinking that it would not compare to the live music I had just heard; I was mistaken.”

“This album will keep you dancing all night long. The first cut has cool Bosanova undertones and speaks of love affairs between tourists and the Havana "Jineteras". The slow numbers bring you back to the mellow bitter-sweet nights filled with Mojitos and cigars.”


Originally released in 1999, Adalberto Alvarez’s Jugango con Candela is still keeping dance floors scorching hot. You may think you’re going to just listen but look out, the beats have been known to get more than a handful of people unexpectedly on their feet. According to fans, the music is irresistible. Buy It Now!



Buena Vista Social Club



“The more I listen to it, the more I love it.”

“This is an album of great delicacy and power, recorded with a reverence for the music and the musicians, in which every musician's humor and grace is allowed to shine through.”


Buy this cd and you’re certain to get lively music from true musicians. The disc has excellent sound quality and is filled with tracks that will take you through the gamut of emotions from laughter to melancholy. Buy It Now!



Chan Chan Charanga [Import] ~ Charanga Habanera



 “Charanga brings to the listener a fury of rhythms. They can easily fuse Salsa with Rock and Hip-hop.”


According to Amazon.com music fans of Charanga Habanera, “This is a perfect example of the dynamic, swinging, frenetic, hard-driving style of Cuban Timba.” The question is:  What do you think? Buy it today and find out.  Buy It Now!



Con La Conciencia Tranquila [Import] ~ Paulito F.G. Y Su Elite



Paulito’s status as a potential Cuban musical artist all-star grows by leaps and bounds with this album. The album doesn’t beat seeing Paulito in person but it’s close. According to one of Paulito’s diehard fans, “the songs are hook-laden pop masterpieces and the playing...the piano, bass, rhythm section, and horns...is phenomenal...with powerful, edgy, brilliance oozing out of every bar.” Buy It Now!



‘Ya No Hace Falta’ ~ Bamboleo



“This Bamboleo album is a total master piece. They have elevated Timba
to an even higher level.”


You can hear the different musical influences on Bambelo throughout this album. It has a jazzy feel, a dose of salsa and a whole lot of Cuban flair. For many, it’s hard to categorize whether Bambelo is paving the way for new age Latin Jazz or Latin Salsa. Which do you think it is? Buy it now and decide for yourself. Buy It Now



La Formula ~ Issac Delgado



La Formula by Issac Delgado has a unique mixture of styles—Salsa, Samba and Timba included. The disc also has some noteworthy ballads. The album is perfect for both listening and dancing. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster ride while enjoying this album. Buy It Now!



The Best of NG La Banda



“…the group is famous for its propulsive timba grooves and a four-piece horn section. The cd opens with a live recording of "Papa Chango" and keeps audiences attention from there.”

“There are nice versions of Beny Moré's "Bonito y Sabroso" and "Cienfuegos." The songs "Cara de Guante" and "La Apretadora" are especially memorable, and will have you mentally replaying them all day.”

Buy It Now







“Cubanismo” is low on vocal content and high on unparalleled instrumentation. According to renowned reviewer M. Allen Greenbaum, “It's an excellent introduction to the range of Cuban jazz, as the dance tracks include such rhythms as rumba, cha-cha, son, danzon, and pa'ca. The CD [also] cuts across various strains of jazz: Big band (with big blaring solos), some modern dissonance (the saxophonists and pianist play some beautiful abstract riffs that are great 1950's bop) and some straight ahead mainstream numbers.” Buy It Now!



Te Pone la Cabeza mala ~ Los Van Van



Los Van Van are Los Bueno Bueno. Fans have spoken and they’re highly impressed with this album.
Here’s what they had to say:

The most danceable band in Cuba surprises us with their creative capacity”

“…their sound possesses many styles ranging from Salsa, Mambo, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Rock & Rap; with their driving force of percussion & rhythm, and their enigmatic feeling of harmony & vocalization; their is no doubt, that they have a sound all of their own.”

Buy It Now!


Hot Salsa DVDs


Los Van Van: Live at Miami Arena

 “…this is a good performance by Los Van Van, is very hard to get pieces
with this quality from Cuban artist's so for sure, if you like this kind of music
you will enjoy all the concert.”

Buy It Now!



Celia Cruz & Friends – A Night of Salsa



This is a one-of-a-kind DVD where Latin music greats grace the stage bringing viewers awesome performances. Look for guest appearances from Tito Puente and La India. Buy It Now!



And if you don’t have all of the Salsa Crazy DVDs, which you really should, here’s your chance to get your copy (directly from Amazon):


Learn to Dance Salsa Video Series, volume 1:
Salsa Dancing Guide For Beginners



This DVD, presented by SalsaCrazy is designed to teach the fundamentals. No fast-paced moves to frustrate you just step-by-step instruction showing basic moves and turns you’ll need to know to get Salsa crazy and strut your stuff on the dance floor. Buy It Now!



Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance, volume 2:
Salsa Guide For Beginners



Featuring the hit music of Benny Velarde, SalsaCrazy.com takes you to the next level with its second DVD in their 3-volume beginner's Learn to Salsa Dance series. Learn the secrets of salsa dancing, with dozens of tips, patterns and variations, feature a unique picture-in-picture view, so you're never lost! Buy It Now!




Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance

Learn to Dance Salsa, volume 3: Salsa Dancing Guide For Beginners



You'll Learn even more of the secrets of salsa dancing through this third volume of the SalsaCrazy beginner’s Salsa lesson DVDs. The DVD contains two hours worth of dance instruction and utilizes proven teaching techniques that have helped thousands of students learn to dance. Volume three picks up the pace, putting together fun social patterns, challenging dancers to graduate to an intermediate dancing level. Buy It Now


Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance,
Intermediate Series, volume 1



This 90-minute DVD from SalsaCrazy is packed with great salsa dance patterns, and instruction that is clear & concise. The DVD covers the foundational intermediate patterns, intermediate leading and following, and lots of tips and practice. The moves you’ll learn are certain to take your dancing to the next level. Buy It Now!



Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance,
Intermediate Series, volume 2



Though you’re dancing at an intermediate level, you can still expect the same great instruction as provided in the previous Salsa Crazy video. This is the second of the SalsaCrazy intermediate Salsa dancing instructional videos. In it, you’ll learn more great salsa dance patterns to help you to really command attention while on the dance floor. Buy It Now!



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