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"I am loving this class! I never dreamed it would be so much fun, and that I could learn so fast. The Sunday afternoon classes with Tianne are great. The class is small and we have covered a lot of moves and I've gotten to dance with different leaders every week. Dancing with different men really helps me learn the style, the patterns, and has helped me feel really comfortable getting out on the floor. I visit Latin America every month as part of my job, and it is great to be able to go to the clubs and dance and feel comfortable that I don't look like a tourist! Tianne's style of teaching is very comfortable, she makes it easy, we laugh, and we always go away feeling good about dancing. I'm signed up for the intermediate classes now and I can't wait to get going! And I really recommend the instructional video. The moves are broken down very simply and I use the video to practice at home or in the hotel when I'm travelling on business. For beginners, the video is a great way to add practice to what you earn in the classes. Salsa is the hottest thing going. It's beautiful, it's romantic, it's sexy, and it's fun!"
-- Julia

I started taking Salsa dance lessons about 3 months ago. I have lost 25 lbs all over. I only practice Salsa 3 hours a week. I love the energy it has given me and the desire to get off the couch and go out dancing with friends. I look and feel 10 years younger.
-- Margarita Martinez

I took my first Salsa class in January of this year and have enjoyed it so much that I have been going each Monday night since. For beginners the instructor breaks the dance down to the basics making it easy for anyone to learn the dance. . . he gives the students a great foundation upon which to build. I love the classes and will continue to attend. If fact, I look forward to Monday evenings and the Salsa class. I highly recommend this class for everyone interested in learning the Salsa.
-- Chenoa Jorgensen

I took the beginners class with Tianne Frias at the DSG Studios on Wednesday nights. It was a great class! Tianne has the best energy, she breaks down the steps so that its very easy to follow. The group of people taking the class were a lot of fun and were dancing salsa by the end of the four week sessions. I highly recommend Tianne's class, as she is an excellent teacher and really makes you feel comfortable. I will be taking her intermediate class in July!
-- Maria, San Francisco

I had a really great time taking salsa classes with dance SF! my boyfriend and i are pretty shy when it comes to dancing but a friend of ours told us how much fun this class was and so we decided to try it out. we wanted to do something fun and new and this was exactly what we needed! we would find ourselves practicing dance moves out on the street and at unexpected times during the day! at first i was nervous about dancing with strangers in class but it was actually really helpful to dance with people of different skill levels. the more advanced dancers teach you things and you get a feel of what it is like to dance with someone who can really lead you. it was a fantastic experience and my partner and i definitely would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new and have lots of fun!
-- Vivian, San Francisco

Evan is an amazing teacher. His instructions are precise and easy to follow. He is hilarious and keeps you coming back for more. I'm addicted to salsa dancing thanks to these fun classes.
-- Konika Ray

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"My husband and I have taken the beginning and intermediate salsa classes. It's been a really really sexy, fun way to spend time together. What a great way to get intimate with someone you enjoy. Oh - and he tells me my "graduation gift" will be a night on the town dancing. This is the same guy who started out dreading classes because he said he wasn't any good. Now he can actually dance and smile at the same time - and feels confident enough to hit the clubs. That is what I call a success story"
-- Laurie Waters

My wife and I saw the ad for Pick studios and decided to drive up to check it out. We initially thought that most lessons, at least for beginners, was about the same. Boy, were we wrong! Evan first off has a funny, entertaining manner that always makes the time fly. The arrangement of lining up in rows to practice really gives us a chance to move around and see the lessons. I have been trying to attend at least one salsa lesson at about a dozen clubs / studios in the Bay Area to compare teachers and venues. Too bad Evan can't patent the phrase "breaking it down", because he simply does it better than the 10 or so other instructors that I have seen so far. He really takes the time to give a good demo, has lots of slow repetition and spends time helping us get it. Unlike some other venues, the ratio of women and men is pretty close to even so that we all get to practice with a partner most all the time. My wife and I have signed up for the intermediate class and will be attending the beginners class again as well. We plan to keep signing up for quite some time.
-- Dick Damien

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I just finished my 4th beginners class for salsa and can not wait to dive into the intermmediate classes. DanceSF is doing a great job with these classes, for 2 reasons. Offering the progressive series of clasess is the only way to learn anything and lining up excellent instructors is obviously a priority for them. The teachers are great; dancing is one thing but teaching is a completely different talent. It's obvious that everyone has a great time and is really learning to salsa with style.
-- Jennifer T.

I started dancing 6 years ago at a ballroom in San Rafael. I learned the basics, but was never taught how to put finesse in my dance, even though I was taking privates too. I started taking Evan's class when he moved to the Pick Ballroom. (Nice dance floor, but gets too hot.) Anyway, I have learned so much styling from him and Moira than I have ever learned in all my other dance classes. I feel like I look better on the floor, and I have definitely received a lot more compliments from people since I've been taking his classes. I have taken many classes from many different teachers, but Evan's are the most fun. I enjoy that we learn new things each week, and each month. I've taken supposedly advanced classes before that teach one routine each month, just building on it from week to week. Evan teaches a quick and fairly easy pattern each week, and allows students to just have fun with their dancing. If they don't get the pattern, no problem, just do what you know. This is the way dance should be taught. I've also seen how much my boyfriend has learned from Evan. He's been taking Evan's classes for a year, and he's gone from absolute beginner to a great dancer. He's gained a lot of confidence on the dance floor because of Evan's teaching. Thanks for all the fun, and I look forward to more classes and workshops.
-- Pamela H.

The beginning Salsa class that I took was so much fun that it took the fear I had about learning to Salsa right out of my head. I have the basic steps down now and have already put my basic skills to test at a dance club last week. The instructors were completely supportive and fun and interesting and they managed to make it really easy to learn to Salsa.
-- Xavier D.

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I have been taking salsa lessions from Evan of Salsa Crazy for about 5 months now. I have also taken other group lessions @ various clubs when I go out dancing. Absolutely no one breaks the patterns down as well as Evan, he is simply the best!!!
-- Georgia C.

Evan and Moira have been wonderful skillfull energetic and inspiring teachers of salsa. I have gone out dancing and even though I am only a beginner, I have attracted others who salsa and are willing to partner me and coach me some more. Having taken the beginners class, I feel like I can "fake it" real good, and my friends who don't know salsa think I'm an expert. Those who do know salsa, want to dance with me... it's a win-win all the way around. Salsa is such great fun and gives you an opportunity to meet people with similar interests. I'm so hooked! I can't wait to start my intermediate class next week!
-- Athens

I had my first class with Tianne today - it was great! I've always wanted to learn a formal dance style. I also got onto the salsabootcamp website and watched some extra movies, incorporating what I had also learned during class, and then practiced for the past 2 hours until my legs became wobbly and I couldn't keep any kind of form! I'm the kind of person who believes strongly in getting the fundamentals down so that I can more accurately take on other steps and also have the basics 'incorporated' into my body.
-- Aaron

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I went to last week class, I was very impressed. it was a little uncomfortable in the beginning, just because no body new what to do, but then when we started the class, it got more fun... Dancing been always my dream, I know how to dance several kinds but not with rules or counting. your way is a bit different than what I'm used to, but I like it. It's hard for me to come all the way from concord to take your class, and my time schedule makes it even harder... I Own and operate a fine dinning Mexican restaurant in concord with my dad and I'm a 3rd year nursing student so you can imagine how crazy my time is.. but it was worth it to take your class.
-- Iva

I've signed up & attended your full 4-week Monday night Beginner's Salsa Dancing Class last December 2005 and I loved it! Your passion and enthusiasm for teaching Salsa Dancing to newcomers provided me with a comfortable environment to learn this new dance. Another great factor was the type of students that you've been able to recruit. Your students were eager to learn and they were great dance partners. I now understand the basics of Salsa Dancing and enjoy watching other great Salsa dancers on the dance floor. I've also attended your December one day (3-hour) Beginner Review Class and it really reinforced what I've learned in the previous 4 Beginner's Classes. Currently, I've been learning from your Beginner's DVD series and signed up for your 4-week Pre-Intermediate Level Salsa Dancing Class in Oakland. Hopefully I'll have enough confidence soon to dance with my friends in one of the San Francisco clubs... I took your 4-week progressive beginner Salsa class last December @ the Pick Ballroom in SF and it was a great experience! The instructor, Evan Margolin, taught Salsa with a passion & enthusiasm and a lot of patience for beginning students. After the 4-week course, I signed up for the SalsaCrazy Bootcamp and a class outing at the Cafe Cocomo. These two events provided me with excellent practices to review all that I've learned thus far and the class party at the Cafe Cocomo was so much fun! Thanks for introducing me to the world of Salsa dancing!
-- Otto Fung

Thanks Evan and DanceSF. I went to this Canvas Party- IT WAS GREAT! I danced ALOT. I have always LOVED Salsa.. my brother David and his wife Nancy Mendoza are "instructors" as well. I really enjoyed your class on Saturday night - GREAT crowd. I will "spread the word" about your classes.
-- Debbie Mendoza

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You guys Rock....I LOVE the variety of parties that you guys offer...and you always have something new and Fresh coming down the pipe.
-- Alf and Alf, Event Planner and Real Estate Investor ;-)

I've had two sessions with Juan and Rebecca so far (I take the beginner's class to brush up on the basics... and to get rid of any bad habits I may have learned at the salsa clubs!), and they are just the nicest. they take time to go over anything that is unclear, and make the learning fun and pressure-free.
-- Maritess Gutierrez

It's been a fun time. Slowly I'm losing my 2 left feet and having a right & left one instead. Great way to dance with 20 different women!
-- ArchitectSF

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Great instructors! I learned a lot and had a blast. That is why I signed up for more classes.

I have always wanted to learn to dance but meeting a new fella who loved dancing helped me go that one step further. I wanted to be able to get on that dance floor with him and really impress him and found that your lessons were amazing. I still have lots to learn before I get on that dance floor. I think that salsa is so sensual and exciting.
-- Gail Shipton

Using the tools that Salsacrazy provided helped me to develop the skills and the confidence that I need to be a better dancer. Now I know how to focus my energy and what to do during different situations. Salsa Dancing is not a hobby, it is a way of life, it is contagious I always want more. While I am at the office I use the salsa crazy lessons as a guide to remove my stress and to maintain my focus. There is no better way to learn, it is so good that you want to continue, believe me once you start taking these Salsa lessons you will not want to go back.
-- Jose

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Love, love, love my Salsa class with Juan and Allison. Dancing is a great escape and de-stressor. We have so much fun and they give you so much personal attention. They are great teachers and phenomenal dancers. I started off in beginner's and now in level III. I I could only be as good as they are, wow! I like that they constantly remind both leaders and followers the importance of safe dancing techniques. As a follower, I want to be able to trust that the person I am dancing with knows how to lead me without injury. ...The classes just make me..well..happy.
-- Lyn

I've had two sessions with Juan and Rebecca so far (I take the beginner's class to brush up on the basics... and to get rid of any bad habits I may have learned at the salsa clubs!), and they are just the nicest. They take time to go over anything that is unclear, and make the learning fun and pressure-free.
-- Tricia DeJesus-Gutierrez

I think you do an exceptional job at breaking down the steps. And you have a very appropriate and engaging presentation. I have taken classes with other teachers and have seen other DVDs, but yours are the best!
-- Gregor, San Francisco

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As I approach my second year as a salsa dancer I find myself learning more and more advanced patterns and loving them... I think Alison and Tianne are wonderful at teaching... now after studying your materials hard and taking classes for another year it is like being a different person. The last time I went dancing my first partner did not want to let me go. After 3 dances with her I literally saw my other partners with their arm crossed tapping their feet, as if to say, "OK it's my turn now". So I politely asked if I could weave her in throughout the night. I am SO happy!!!
-- Bill Creedon

I had so much fun last week. The teacher was amazing and had me dancing the Salsa by nights end. I can't wait for this evenings class.
-- Chenoa

I've been taking lessons with Juan Gil and Allison and they are wonderful instructors. Their lessons are fun and very original. The group of people who go to their lessons have a very good level because they've been with them for very long now, which proves that Juan and Allison are really engaging. We not only learn a lot of moves with them, but also a lot about rhythm, beat, tempo, etc. We learn to lead and follow. Juan likes to play music between lessons so that people can practice. In their classes there's chewing gum on the table everyday, chocolates when it's Valentine's, cake when it's somebody's birthday....... it's good fun!
-- Jenny Doros

Hi-- I think your DVD's are great--I'm on my second beginner one now--I find them to be particularly useful when used in addition to classes--I would like very much to see some specialty discs--Ladies styling or cuban motion, adornos, rueda... I think it is great that salsacrazy, dance SF, you guys are our there making salsa so available and fun. Thanks!
-- Jenny Martin

Thank you very much, Evan. I really enjoy my dance lessons in Oakland. You employ excellent instructors who show patience and compassion as well as a love for what they do. They help bring more happiness into my life, and others, as I look around the dance hall. Again, thank you.
-- Susan

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My boyfriend and I decided to take salsa lessons in Oakland w/ Juan and Alison--revered as two of the finest salsa dance instructors in town. Boy do these two make our half hour drive worth the trip! We are hooked! Evan's instructional DVD's are a great way to supplement the lessons, not to mention reinforce what we've learned in class. I also bought the newly released workout DVD, and man, I can sure feel the difference! Can't wait to go on one of those Salsa Crazy Cruises!!!!! We'll just keep on takin' lessons 'cause salsa is a great dance to learn, and a fun way to lose those oh-so-unwanted extra winter weather padding.
-- Joy Catolico

I used to dance since I was a little girl living with my family in the former U.S.S.R. Most of the children in my country had some sort of introduction to the world of music and dance, and I was no different. Upon entering the U.S. though I was always too busy to get back to dancing: marriage, kids, school, work, etc. Then about four years ago I made a decision to learn how to express myself through dance and took up salsa and tango. Another reason that prompted me to start dancing again was the fact that after being single for awhile and breaking up with my boyfriend I was looking to fill my time with something meaningful. Dancing allowed me not only to heal and grow, but also to develop and to feel again. I can't imagine my life without dancing.

They do an excellent job of breaking things down and building each class on what you learned in the last one. Nice people, too!

When I discovered salsa I woke up - I was dancing five nights a week wearing out my shoes and even losing weight even though I still had a healthy appetite. This sensual sexy ecstatic dance ignited my pilot light and made me feel like I was flying. I'll never stop!

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I took an intermediate class from Ciro and it was simply fantastic. great teacher and human being. Will continue taking the classes.
-- Eric

Since I start learning salsa, it releases all my stress, even I am still in the beginning, or first 2 months, I enjoyed it so much. Since then, I will never give up learning.

SalsaCrazy is a lot of fun! The teachers are great - patient, easy to approach, and offer great pointers!

Read some more SalsaCrazy + DanceSF Testimonials...

My name is Michelle Santoso and my mother, Mariani, who bought your DVD, doesnít speak English very fluently, but she really wanted to say something about the Salsa Dance Mastery System DVD, so she asked me to be her translator. She has never salsa danced before until one day she received an invitation to watch a salsa show at a cafť in our hometown Jakarta (Indonesia). Ever since then, she dreamt of learning to dance salsa herself. So she enrolled in a salsa class last year and after two months, she decided it was too difficult and gave up. She said the steps were too complicated to learn and memorize. Still, my mother wanted to see if there was some way to learn to dance salsa in a less stressful environment where she would not be under pressure to learn the steps immediately, so she looked through the local DVD shops. She was disappointed to find that the DVDs they supplied were of poor quality. She asked my sister Christine, who was studying abroad in Malaysia, to look for DVDs as well but she had no luck either. Not even the internet offered salsa lessons that were useful or comprehensible, but luckily found and forwarded the website to my aunt, Juliati Santoso Jones, who currently resides in San Francisco. My aunt bought the Salsa Dance Mastery System Beginners Vols. 1, 2, and 3 and sent it to Jakarta. My mother is now learning to dance salsa through your DVD and can see, in the comfort of our own home, her mistakes. The lesson that she found the most useful was the Latin Hips for Followers lesson, in which the instructor stated that the followerís hips must move in opposition to her footwork to avoid looking ďbouncyĒ. My mother is ecstatic about your DVD, and is extremely pleased to be able to dance salsa better. She now often tells me that salsa is not as difficult as it seems and is relaxing after she has confidently mastered the beginning steps. She now dances everyday, every chance she gets (even without music). Thank you for giving a 54 year old woman a youthful bounce in her step.
-- Michelle Santoso

I have done the intermediate 2 salsa dvd, and found that I already know how to do the steps, but it was the sexy flair that I have been lacking, and the lady in that dvd has very slight moves which look so sensual, and that is what I absolutely love about salsa dancing, I cannot wait for my floor work dvd to arrive, dance floor here I come.
-- Cassandra Bertrand, Florida

Hola SC, The videos are absolutely great!!! The really great thing about videos is that you can learn in the privacy of your own home whenever you feel like being in the groove. Bounce over to your DVD player, or hell just grab the laptop and practice your dance moves in your PJ's in the back yard or garage. When you get to a real live dance club you'll already be moving like you've been doing this for a while. And learning flashy new moves will be relatively painless because you have the basic foundation down cold. I can't wait for the advanced course to come out on the market because that, my friend, is when the super fine salseras die to have some time with you on the dance floor!!!
-- Mitch Johnson

My wife Nereida and I have been going through the Salsa Crazy beginners DVD series and have been enjoying ourselves immensely at salsa dance clubs in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. I started dancing salsa last August at 38 years of age! I have learned that it is never too late to take up something you enjoy. My wife also started dancing with me at 33 years of age. We have been married for twelve years and have three sons. The Salsa Crazy series has helped us gain confidence to go onto the dance floor and has enabled us to enjoy life all the more. Thank you!
-- Cameron, Fort Worth, TX

I just had to say how much I love your website. Today I came to your page to watch the ladies styling videos; because in my salsa class I'm just not getting the kind of detail that you provide in your videos. And now I'm so excited that I've heard about the cruise! I can't wait to tell all the salsa dancers that I come in contact with all about it!!!
-- Christine

I would like to thank you for offering the opportunity to learn how to dance Salsa in my own home. I just didnít get it. I now have the confidence that I never had. I have always enjoyed watching others dance Salsa. At first, I was intimidated because I thought there was absolutely no way I would ever be able to learn to dance Salsa. Learning to dance is not just exercise but fun at the same time than going to the gym that is really boring. From the first time I was hooked. I try to practice every day. Evan breaks the steps down so that even a very slow learner like me can get it. He makes it so enjoyable, and a unique learning experience. It has motivated me because I thought I had no rhythm at all. The moves that I learn have kept everything so interesting. I have missed a step and lost my balance. But I get up and keep on going. Learning to dance Salsa is a time for me to leave my stress and worries behind and listen to great music and have some fun.

Just watched your learn to dance salsa beginners volume 1 DVD. I believe its the very first DVD for beginners level. the best DVD by far on the market I will be purchasing the whole set within the next few weeks. I have been taking group lessons in Los Angeles and learned more form your DVD than in class! your enthusiasm and thoroughness in breaking it down step by step and I mean step by step is going to be truly appreciated by viewers. u should consider starting a class in Los Angeles using your style of teaching. I believe that u would crush the competition not in a bad way but they would have to improve their level of instruction to keep up with u. I was skeptical of another how to salsa DVD but its well worth the price. this DVDs a keeper. thank u so much for helping me improve my salsa dancing. I'm hooked and hoping to get better faster the sooner the better. u truly have an exceptional product.
-- Ed Boog

The CHA CHA DVD is perfect for beginners. The instructions are easy to follow. The dance patterns are not overwhelming; there is just enough material to get you out on the dance floor. I can not wait for the next DVD. I would highly recommend this DVD. The Cha Cha DVD Level I is a great beginner dance DVD. There is just enough material to give the beginner dancer confidence on the dance floor as oppose to overwhelming or confusing the dancer. It has definitely help improve by cross body lead. I am anxiously waiting for the 2nd level Cha Cha DVD.
-- Thomas Mason

The Cha Cha Cha DVD is excellent. I preferred the section cha Cha On2, so naturally, I would have preferred that the whole DVD was for ON 2 dancers. but it was good and descriptive.
-- Carmen Mojica

I own the Salsa, Bachata & Merengue DVD sets. Since watching these DVD sets, I have taken my dancing to a new level. The Salsa Dance Mastery is the most comprehensive instructional DVD on the market. It is a must have for dancers of all levels.
-- Thomas Mason

I already take Latin dancing lessons but this is so nice to be able to look and practice the moves at a slower pace from this DVD. I'm a disc jockey who works with female assistants so we actually do Latin dance moves on the floor and people love watching us dance.
-- Gilles Guertin - Ontario, Canada

Ballroom classes are wonderful when I have the time and patience to dance with a variety of people with different skill levels. I'm a member of the salsa bootcamp and I have receive the bootcamp DVDs. I love the fact that I can take my portable DVD player and practice the dance moves. I'm constantly listening to salsa music, I'm hooked.
-- Robert C Navarro

In addition to gaining confidence in Salsa dancing, I have gained confidence to do many other things, including talking in front of other people. It has enabled me also to be very comfortable with the opposite sex, in and out of the dance floor ... and I feel that I have become a more 'approachable' male to them. Thanks for your videos!
-- Suji Gunaratne, Portugal

Hi it's amazing how much improvement I was able to accomplish with this videos.. I recommend it to anyone that is just starting or wants to improve their technique.
-- Robert Robles

I'm not a natural dancer thatís why I have never danced before I guess, I almost gave up several times trying to learn salsa due to daunting and sometimes for me embarrassing moments trying. Its like nothing else I've ever learned so for me its necessary to get good guidance good instruction to feel like your getting better not worse. There are so many products and classes around I recon many are run by excellent dancers but this guy can not only dance he can Teach. Thatís what this has above the rest and it is simply the best what else can I say. I have never endorsed any product in my life but am grateful for the opportunity to do so in this instance Ė be inspired. If you read this and donít go for it I have let you down and am sorry for that. Enjoy.
-- Mark Evenden - London, UK

It's great to be able to go back and review steps at any time. I've made it through the 1st 2 DVDs and I'm out dancing at the clubs! I'm having a ton of fun and several dance partners have said "wow, you're a good dancer!"... it's great!
-- Gabrielle

Dear and SALSABOOTCAMP.COM , I truly enjoy your basic salsa DVD. I am learning how to dance the salsa and the many different moves of the salsa dance. Your website is fabulous and I thank you so very much! Keep up the good work and I will see all of you at the next salsa boot camp! Thank you again!
-- Carl Banks Jr.

Hey. Every time someone told me to "just go with the beat," my response was "well what IS the beat?" Then they would count "1,2,3" "1,2,3." But I could never get the beat count out of the music being played or see the connection between the turns and the beats. I thought I was just incapable of catching any rhythms till I bought the videos. Now I'm starting to understand how to pick up the rhythm from the music, the moves are actually the easy part. I really appreciate the way the beat was explained as a count of 8 and "quick, quick, slow." I was immediately able to see how it connected to the music.
-- Daniel Brockert

The DVDs are the best DVDs that I have ever bought or listened to. Evan is well organized so you don't get bored. He repeats so you won't forget. He describes in explicit detail about leading, foot patterns, and every detail imaginable about how to successfully execute the pattern. Most of the dance teachers I have ever had will not do this for you even if you take private lessons. Evan is extremely articulate instead of just showing you, he describes explicitly how to perform the patterns. His partner Mora is great too; she describes the followers role and executes the pattern beautifully. Every time I watch the DVD I get excited by the sensational patterns. The music is great. You feel so excited you want to try out what Evan is doing right away. It cheers up my every day.
-- Leonard Mayer, NY

This is the 4th salsa instructional product that I have purchased and it is far and away the best yet for me. Seeing the sample videos online really helped to persuade my purchase. They have helped me to have a greater fun time going out dancing with my wife and to dance with other ladies. My confidence in doing so is certainly where it needs to be to not hesitate in stepping out onto the dance floor. The thing is, I am able to incorporate what I learn to other non-salsa music on the dance floor. It is so cool to be doing dance moves that draws the attention of others that are not out there doing anything as fun. Its fun to look and see the ladies watching, knowing they would enjoy dancing with someone doing what I am. And then when you actually ask one of these ladies to dance and watch their faces as you dance...their smiles are what it is all about!! They are loving what you are doing with them out on the dance floor!!
-- Keith

One of the best purchases Iíve made all year. I have been taking salsa lessons at the local university near by for the past two semesters, and absolutely love it. My instructor is great, and she does a great job teaching us. But, I wanted that extra edge. Since the class is only once a week, the class would learn new patterns, then practice during the rest of the week anxiously looking forward to the next class. What I had inside me was a burning desire to get better. The university was just going to slow for me. This is why I decided to buy the 3-set of the beginnerís CDís. The instructions are very simple on the CDís, and the patterns are broken down so anyone can learn them. Some of the moves on the DVDís were the same as learned in class, but I preferred using the DVDís because I am able to rewind a go forward as I like until I fully understand the steps, and the patterns are almost second nature. One thing is for sure, Iím not hesitant to get out on the dance floor anymore after watching the DVDís. My confidence level has shot up. I canít wait to get the intermediate DVD set.
-- Dave Stone, Arizona

Good morning, I really enjoy your Salsa sites and DVD's. I start Salsa learning at the beginning of June 2006, and I meet a lot of people since this time. Salsa dance is a very good way to get pleasure in my life and to meet a lot of people. In the region of Toulouse city, south-west of France, there is a big community of Salsa dancers who will be interested in your products. Sorry for my English, I'm French. Will it be possible to modify http://www.SalsaCrazy.Com & sites to become multi-language ? Not everybody understand well English. We will appreciate also to see videos of basic steps and passes. I have seen on French TV videos turned with 32 cameras witch permit, after computer process, to show dancers in three dimensional width interactivity (choice of angle of vision). At the moment, nobody has used this technology for video courses. I think, It's a good idea. One more time, thanks so much for your initiative to offer such lovely sites and DVD's.
-- Didier Almaida, France

Awesome DVDS!!! I have learned so much from your lessons. They are easy to follow and you guys more than anything make it really easy and fun. This is my first purchase on dance instructional videos and was worth every single dime spent on these DVDS!!! Love you BOTH!!!
-- Judith, Chicago

I love the way that salsa dance is teaching, because you make salsa elegant and it seems really easy to do. Although I am waiting for the opportunity to show up all the steps that I have learn with your DVD. I love it!!!
-- Julian Gonzalez, Ohio

Started taking Latin Dance after visiting friends in Panama. Did some clubbing there and Salsa looked like fun to do. In between dance lessons I practiced with the video. It lowered the overall cost of learning the dance to an acceptable level (bronze).
-- Gene Haller

I havenít bought a DVD from here but I have seen the change in those people who had been to salsa even for just 1day. It completely changes you. I am a big fan of salsa. I just love dancing salsa.
-- Vaibhavi Patel

Hi Evan, Yes, I bought the Mastery Series, and I'm concentrating on the beginners 1, so I can reinforce what I'm learning in my beginners salsa class, which I'm presently taking. I think your method of teaching is great for people like me who had never dance salsa before.
-- Ana L. Cartagena

I never wanted to go Salsa dancing with my friends because all of them have so much experience. I've tried taking classes, but my schedule is so busy that I'm never able to keep to a strict schedule. Then I rented salsa dvds. Though the instructors on the dvds were great dancers, their ability to teach others was lacking. Your Beginners dvd is absolutely the best. It is so easy to follow and fun that I find myself saying and moving to 123-567- all the time. I watch your the basic dance techniques every spare moment I have. Anyway, I'm hooked. Thank you for your dedication to teaching. You make learning to dance Salsa fun!
-- Tracy CuajaoSanta Rosa, CA

Hi Dancers My wife and I have been dancing and teaching dancing for many, many years. We have taken many dance lessons in our time and watched allot of instructional videos. The Salsa dance DVD's from is the best you will find anywhere anyplace. Each step or movement is explained so anyone can learn the step. They are the best your money can buy.
-- Gene Dike

I started taking Salsa dance lessons about 3 months ago. I have lost 25 lbs all over. I only practice Salsa 3 hours a week. I love the energy it has given me and the desire to get off the couch and go out dancing with friends. I look and feel 10 years younger.
-- Margarita Martinez

Dear Evan, I have danced Salsa/Mambo for the past five (5) years. I've taken lesons from the top instructors in Los Angeles, and own three (3) instructional videos from other instructors. I always felt unsure about my "next move", on the dance floor. I never really felt good and even worse I didn't feel like I looked "COOL" on the floor. I purchased your entire collection of DVD's on line, the transaction was a breeze. Right now, I've been consentrating on the Intermediate Level Disc #2 for the last month or so. And Buddy, moves are just comming out of me on the floor. Doubles to the left, Doubles to the right, Head Loops, partner moves-a-plenty!!! By the way, I now feel great, And...I look "Very Cool" on the floor. Which, for many us fellows, is the bottom line Thanks so much!!! Joseph P.S. The lighting could brought up just a bit. I like the lighter backgrounds for viewing ease.
-- Joseph Du Pree

-- Ada

Dear Evan have enjoyed the beginners series vol 123. A big help for a new dancer such as myself I am now starting to watch the intermediate DVD continue to keep up the good work the dvd's are easy to follow and the instruction is great. One of the best investments I've made in a long time.
-- Rick Bowman

Let me start out by saying that this video totally change my life. The reason i say this is because before learning about this dvd, my dancing, shale we say, was lame. Most of the times that i went to party's, i was always to shy to step on the dance floor, i just didn't want to look like an idiot just moving my legs. So one day i decided to face my fear, and learn to salsa dance. I just had one problem, i needed a partner. So i ask my best friend nydia, if you wanted to learn with me she said yes of the bat. She also stank, on the dance floor, i mean that in a good way, anyway. As soon as i got a partner, we started learning to salsa dance. This dvd was wonderful, i mean awesome, it gave really easy steps on what to do and what not to do. The guy in the video was very entertaining and funny. I think this was part of what made my experience enjoyable. It took us about 2-4 weeks to get all the steps just right. But as nydia and i went to a party my friend and her friends could not believe that we knew how to dance, in so little time. Even though we made a few mistakes that did not stop us from taking on the floor. This help me face my fear on the floor. I highly recommend this video to anyone who doesn't know anything about salsa dance. I look forward on getting vol. 2 of learn to dance salsa. I hope this testimonial help you guy understand how enjoyable this dvd was for me, looking forward on getting "beginner series: volumes 2"
-- Alejandro R.

"Hi. I just started to dance Salsa this year. I've purchased the first and second SalsaCrazy DVDs for beginners. Evan's instructions are clear, simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can easily learn (and I mean anyone). I've actually tried the patterns, I've learned from the video, at the clubs and they work. I've actually received positive comments about my moves from the ladies. The lessons are well laid out and the picture-in-picture format is a definitely plus. It's also a great complement to anyone taking classes from other instructors. I've actually recommended this video series to several of my friends and co-workers. I love salsa dancing. I'm totally addicted to it. I hope the salsa dance movement will continue to grow and that Evan puts out more instructional videos. Thank you."
-- R. Pavia, LA

"My salsa nights are dry. not because of the dance but because of the temperature. it's fun to salsa in the desserts of Iraq. the class here are fun and exciting."
-- Dan Banks, FL

"The Beginner's DVDs are a great learning tool for a beginning salsa dancer. Evan is very detailed in his explanation of each movement of your hands and feet. It is a great investment that will give you a lot of confidence when you get on the dance floor at a salsa club."
-- Larry, Orinda, CA

My wife and I are beginner salsa dancers. Although we have taken several lessons I've found the 3 beginner videos very helpful with concise, in-depth and easy to follow instruction. We're learning great moves and sequences and having a ball.
-- David Brusven

The dvd series is the best I have ever bought, it is better than the others cause it shows every step and really breaks it down. It also helps that Evan is such a good teacher, he was born to teach.
-- Marcus Mckeever

"Your beginners series was fantastic. Even though I have been taking lessons for almost a year now, your DVD's reminded me of many "little things" that I need to pay attention to. I am looking forward to your intermediate series!!!"
-- Chris, Danville, CA

As owner of several other series of instructional salsa DVDs, I have no trouble in saying that the SalsaCrazy series is far and away the best set of instructional videos out there. Where other videos strain to teach a variety of "moves" ranging from simple to highly complex, the SalsaCrazy videos teach the student "DANCING". This is the least intimidating series of videos out there. I like that Evan doesn't come off as a professional dancer showing how good he is and doesn't make everything too technical. Most DVDs have dancers that are highly technical (rigid arms, arched back, toes so pointed they could puncture a concrete bunker) and thus boring or mildly cocky - the SalsaCrazy vids focus on having a GREAT TIME on the dance floor! The lessons and focus on a good attitude on the floor are very similar to those given by my 'live' salsa instructor. Evan presents himself as a(n) (abnormally!!) happy dude trying to show his partner a "crazy" good time. Looking forward to the intermediate series! :)
-- Kristiaan Ewen, Ottawa

I moved from the East Coast to San Francisco in 1994 to attend law school. I was older than my classmates as I was a "returning student." All I did was study and take care of my kid. Occasionally, I would venture out into the club scene, but I never met anyone. One day in 1997, a friend from law school told me about the new salsa scene. She talked me into taking a class at the Metronome. That was it-- I was hooked. After the second lesson, I really wanted to move--more than the structured class would allow--so I started hanging out at Pier 23 on Wednesday nights. During the summer, each week, Ritmo y Armonia played and the same people came. I would dance the whole night long and I made a lot of friends. I found that being held in the arms of a sexy latin man while dancing was a cure for my loneliness without intruding on the time I needed to put into my studies. Today, some things have changed in my life--I am a lawyer, my kid is graduating from high school and heading off to college. The one thing that hasn't changed in my life is the joy I feel when I am on the dance floor, moving to the salsa beat with the right partner.
-- Joyce GoodGal

"I want to thank you very much for making this dvd. I met a woman who loves to dance salsa and I never danced in my life. I went to many dance instructors, and litterally spent thousands. Much to my surprise, I found out that EVERY Instructor I found, and used DID NOT KNOW HOW TO TEACH!!!!!! AT 60 DOLLARS PER HOUR!!! I recently got engaged, and I KNOW with your dvd I'll be dancing salsa at my wedding. I also want to say that out of all these so called dance instructors, not one guaranteed me ANYTHING. I love the fact that if I miss something or misunderstand something that I can go back and watch over and over again especially with the little box, at the bottom of the screen with a close up of the dancers feet, or topic at hand. Anyone truly can learn with this video!!!!
-- Joseph Turano

"Piece of Cake!" Evan breaks everything down very well, he communicates clearly, and has a great sense of humor. Moira is an awesome dancer. The video has very good production values, shot in a great place, has reverse angle of footwork. Its a great product.
-- Mark Dukas

"It had been 6 years since I last danced salsa due to a knee injury. I got your DVD's to start getting back into the swing of things. Practiced by myself but it all started coming back. Then I went to a wedding recently. I was at a table with a bunch of friends of the bride's mother and lo and behold there was a single man there that loved to dance salsa! Well we had a blast on the dance floor and I couldn't believe that I remembered it all - he was surprised that I was able to follow him with ease - of course, he couldn't be more surprised than me. So thanks for bringing it all back. When my daughter comes home from college, she wants to learn it and I will start her with your DVD's!"
-- Susan B, Arizona

"I purchased the Salsa Dvd series two and three. Love the lessons and will purchase your next DVD. My partner and I dedicate every Tuesday night to watching the DVD lesson and practicing. Being dedicated is the only way to learn. Thanks for doing such a great job of teaching on your DVDs."
-- Bob Bowen

"I ordered the DVD's before the holiday's but naturally I had no time to watch them. Well I worked thru the first one over the last month and looked at the other two. Wow! These DVD's go into much more detail on the technique of Salsa. After watching and practicing you will know how to Salsa. The emphasis seems to be more quality instruction, as opposed to lists of patterns."
-- Doug Wainer

"It was 1992 at the Candlelight ballroom, which no longer exists, that I was introduced to both Salsa and Argentine Tango, within weeks of each other. I couldn't make up my mind which to learn, so I learned both of them .It was like falling in love with two men at the same time! And I had to have both of them! One was fun and playful and sexy, and wore T-shirts. The other was elegant and dressed all in black that one wore a 1940's hat. They both spoke Spanish, and knew how to move to all kinds of rhythms. They both flirted with me outrageously, but in VERY different ways. What's a girl to do? There were times I danced Tango in El Cerrito, and after a couple of hours went down the street and got in an hour of Salsa. How's that for unfaithful! I couldn't just live in one world. If I had been dancing Tango a lot, I had to have my Salsa "fix". I had to have two different kinds of clothes; well, the Tango wardrobe was pretty much black dresses and a lot of jewelry. My life is so rich now- I have TWO "families" of friends, TWO rhythms to dance to, TWO very different moods to be in, and TWO kinds of men to dance with. Well, why shouldn't I? I have two feet, don't I?"
-- Ann C.

"I used to dance since I was a little girl living with my family in the former U.S.S.R. Most of the children in my country had some sort of introduction to the world of music and dance, and I was no different. Upon entering the U.S. though I was always too busy to get back to dancing: marriage, kids, school, work, etc. Then about four years ago I made a decision to learn how to express myself through dance and took up salsa and tango. Another reason that prompted me to start dancing again was the fact that after being single for awhile and breaking up with my boyfriend I was looking to fill my time with something meaningful. Dancing allowed me not only to heal and grow, but also to develop and to feel again. I can't imagine my life without dancing."
-- Elana Kasha

"Thanks for your video. You helped me in a great way. See before the video, I hated dancing with my husband because he couldn't dance too well. One night he saw me practicing with the video by myself and decided to join me. Every since, I loved dancing with my husband. We look forward to the next video!"
-- Angelo Ortega

"I absolutely loved the first volume. I was dancing with some prima dona who learned elsewhere, and she moved like a robot! The rhythm taught on your DVD was so much more fluid, I moved like hot honey- I was so smooth! I have confidence in my ability knowing I have a "private expert" in my corner!"
-- S. Thomas

"My wife and I have been dancing for over 25 years and wanted to learn the latest craze, the Salsa. Your DVD volume #1 arrived on Thursday and within a few hours, my wife and I were dancing. WOW! Your instructions and visuals re great. The very next night, we went dancing at a local ballroom and were doing the Salsa. Great DVD. Just love you guys."
-- Nadia Chen

"I purchased volume 1 of salsa dancing while I was attending a group instruction. The video was a tremendous. The instruction given was so much more detailed than my live instructor. in addition I now could model myself against an expert instead of against the others in my dans class who are in the same incompetent level I was in. I would suggest the video to anyone and in fact I already have."
-- Joan Allen, Tampa Bay

"When I discovered salsa I woke up - I was dancing five nights a week wearing out my shoes and even losing weight even though I still had a healthy appetite. This sensual sexy ecstatic dance ignited my pilot light and made me feel like I was flying. I'll never stop!"
-- Mary B.

"I am a Puerto Rican grown man and it has always been embarassing for me to know that I can't dance salsa. I bought the beginners series 1 - 3 and I am starting to get the basic rhythms. It has truly helped me and I am so eager to finish tape 1 so that I can get to 2 and three. Because of this, I practice about 3 times a week. Thank you for showing me what I've been missing for so long."
-- Rafael Quintero

"Salsa has definitely changed my life and my attitude towards people and life in general. Not only did have I loose 2 stone in weight, my body is trimmer and I am fitter than I have been in years. Salsa has taken 10 years off my age, and my health has improved tremendously. Salsa has also boosted my confidence, enabling me to make lots of new friends, it makes me feel good about myself. When I'm dancing I forget all my problems as if I'm transported to another planet - problem free!! The downside of Salsa has been that it has ruined my relationships with people who don't understand the dance. They think you're out there to pull all the time, which is not the case. The majority of salseros just want to dance and enjoy themselves. DVDs have helped me mainly improve my posture and styling, which is something that is difficult to do whilst dancing with someone unless you have practiced it beforehand. I hope to continue dancing for as long as possible!!!"
-- Randy, Seattle, WA

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